Healthy Flank Steak Taco Salad Recipe

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Ingredients for 4 bowls:

  • 1 lb slim flank steak, raw
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • Shells:
    • four (reduced carb) 10-inch whole wheat grain tortillas
  • Chipotle Sauce
    • 1 (4oz) chipotle in adobo (this might be greatly seasoned so ocean salt & pepper should not actually be needed)
    • 3/4 glass 2percent Greek yogurt
    • fresh lemon (or lime) juice
  • Salad
    • 1 bundle spinach (about 4 cups), sliced
    • 2 Romaine lettuce hearts (about 2 cups), shredded
    • 1/2 glass chopped fresh cilantro
    • 1/3 glass red onion, diced
    • 1 (15-ounce) can corn, drained and rinsed
    • 1 (15-ounce) can no sodium black colored beans, drained and rinsed
    • 10 ounces cherry tomatoes, quartered
    • 1/3 glass goat cheese crumble
    • fresh lime juice
  • Garnish
    • pepper
    • lime
    • goat cheese crumble
    • cilantro


  1. Set oven to 400F.
  2. To help make the taco shells, arrange four 6-inch cake pans on baking sheets. TIP: Put the tortillas into the microwave oven for approximately 15 seconds so they are simpler to handle and shape. Spray the tortilla with essential olive oil, then place the tortilla inside cake pans. Bake until crisp, about 12 to quarter-hour, then allow them to cool and harden.
  3. Set a nonstick skillet on medium high heat and spray having a little olive oil. Rub cumin and chili powder regarding flank steak (on both edges) then stick it into the skillet once its hot.  Sear and prepare the flank (on both edges) until desired readiness, about 12 to 18 mins, dependent on the way you such as your steak.
  4. When the steak has completed cooking, take it off from the pan and place it on a butcher block. Give it time to slightly cool before slicing.
  5. Because the steak cools, in a sizable bowl, mix and throw together all the ingredients for the salad.
  6. In a meals processor, add the components the chipotle sauce and mix together until smooth. If possible, place the sauce in a condiment squirt bottle.
  7. Chop the flank steak into small pieces after which take it completely.
  8. Eliminate the tortilla dish through the baking pan and set it on a dish. Put in a nice percentage of the salad, adding in regards to a fourth for the flank steak over the top.
  9. Drizzle chipotle sauce across the salad, garnish and enjoy!

Approximate macros for 1 of 4 taco bowls or servings:

515 calories, 53g carbs, 15g fat, 43g protein, 13g fiber, 15g sugar

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