Behind the ‘zines: Lonely Planet Traveller’s May issue

Staff through the UK and United States editions of the magazine get planning

Staff from UK and United States editions of this magazine get preparing

The new issue of Lonely Planet Traveller UK has simply hit the racks, which thirty days we’re sharing our travel secrets from all over the world – from crazy corners in New Zealand and off-the-beaten-track India towards concealed gourmet hotspot of Northern Ireland and overlooked Moroccan gem, Casablanca.

Take a peek behind the scenes with a few of tales behind the photos – and see how to shoot architecture such as a pro as photographer André Vicente Gonçalves speaks united states through his show on Barcelona’s buildings.

The Hassan II Mosque could be the biggest in Morocco © Philip Lee Harvey / Lonely Planet

The Hassan II Mosque could be the largest in Morocco © Philip Lee Harvey / Lonely Planet


Photographer Philip Lee Harvey took this shot of the Hassan II Mosque – whoever 200-metre minaret could be the world’s tallest – inside underrated Moroccan metropolis of Casablanca.

‘simply west associated with mosque is really a promenade which, inside cool nights, turns into a destination to fulfill, talk and stay seen. But at first light, it had been deserted and quiet, except for the remote call to prayer from the mosque. I Enjoy the muted tones caused by the soft sunrise light mixed with the ocean spray, and exactly how the mosque commands attention.’

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In Māori, the glowworms are called ‘titiwai’ – water stars © Justin Foulkes / Lonely Planet Traveller

In Māori, the glowworms are known as titiwai – water stars © Justin Foulkes / Lonely Planet


Checking out the North Island’s hidden corners by campervan, author Mike MacEacheran and professional photographer Justin Foulkes headed underground in to the Waitomo Caves, a labyrinthine system of caverns and streams.

‘We were for an after-hours hunt for the luminescent glowworm’, says Mike. ‘Descending in to the deepest of chambers with regional speleologist Angus Stubbs, we soon discovered ourselves recast as Gollums, knee-deep in water, and alone within an echoey, pitch-black cavern: the right horror movie set. Such darkness, it absolutely was a remarkably tricky shot for Justin for – he required around 20 mins for every single contact with capture the startling worms nesting above our heads.’

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Unesco-listed Kaziranga is really a haven for wildlife © Jon Stokes / Lonely Planet

Unesco-listed Kaziranga is just a haven for wildlife © Jon Stokes / Lonely Planet


Photographer Jon Stokes discovered a herd of water buffalo while checking out Assam’s Kaziranga nationwide for the function on northeast India.

‘While other automobiles were chasing more exotic specimens like rhinos and tigers, we had been kept alone utilizing the buffalo, who were quickly comfortable in our presence. Looking down the telephoto lens, you’re met with how large they are – how big vehicles – and their powerful horns. You observe the smaller details such as the symbiotic relationship between the buffalo plus the egrets. These small wild birds are like sidekicks, jumping about on their backs and around their legs. The juxtaposition of frantic egrets therefore the slow-moving buffalo had been fascinating.’

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Barcelona is abundant with Art Nouveau architecture © André Vicente Gonçalves

Barcelona is full of art nouveau architecture © André Vicente Gonçalves


This month’s picture tale features André Vicente Gonçalves’ shots of windows, forming collections from urban centers across Europe – like Barcelona, pictured. André describes just how he shoots:

‘we make an effort to shoot as frontally possible, that will be not always easy as a result of hurdles like cars and trees. Whenever I’m able to, we shoot by having a telephoto lens, and try to be because far as you are able to to lessen distortion and get the correct perspective. Illumination normally essential – I would like to be constant so that everything makes sense when seen together. I like to photograph with neutral light to prevent shadows – sometimes We take a day to photograph one street, shooting half each morning and half in the afternoon’.

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