Pathfinders: top Instagrams from June 2018

The dramatic vistas and red-hued landscapes of Chile’s San Pedro de Atacama © Michele Roux

From hill peaks to world-famous canals, our Pathfinders were ‘gramming hard last month, expertly shooting the sweetness and character of this countless destinations they visited. Vibrantly colourful, artistically framed and skilfully caught – here are the Instagrams that turned our heads in June.

Venice, Italy

A post shared by Dario🏄🌊🌏 🆓 ♏ 🇮🇹 (@dario.dimaggio) on

‘This city is always your favourite of mine to picture since there is constantly a great deal to see. I enjoy find various perspectives whenever photographing, in the obvious of places – the Ponte dei Sospiri is just nearby of famous Piazza San Marco. Tourists and locals had been running around behind me, also crashing into my back, but I managed to capture this small scene of tranquillity through gaps of the connection.’ – Dario, @dario.dimaggio

Why we want it: For the town of these worldwide fame, you would think there mightn’t possibly be any angles, shots or perspectives of Venice left uncaptured. Somehow however, Dario’s clever use of the connection he was looking at to frame their image leads to a new look at this most popular of travel destinations. Plus, attaining this razor-sharp focus and soft foreground combination calls for some severe photography abilities – we are impressed.

Java, Indonesia

A post provided by World Citizen (@world_citizen_64) on

‘your day I took this image we had risen at 1:30 a.m. and hiked for 2.5 hours, our headlamps lighting just how, on summit of Penanjakan to view sunlight increasing over Mount Bromo, Java. The sunrise had been spectacular, and once the sun’s rays ended up being up, the views were believe it or not amazing. I possibly could have remained here all night, considering the ocean of clouds, which looked like a genuine sea crashing against the cliffs.’ – Carmen, @world_citizen_64

Why we want it: Carmen’s image is actually spectacular, with the tough peaks associated with the hill semi-ensconced in rolling cloud. The sunshine shining in from the top left-hand part of this image illuminates the patchwork of areas and buildings perched atop the mountain, as the shadowy meeting of cloud and land produces an ideal central focus, operating directly through the middle for the framework.

Kaikoura, brand new Zealand

A post provided by Paul Healy (@anywhere_we_roam) on

‘I desperately required some rest from my extreme seasickness while for a motorboat journey in Kaikoura, whenever this show-off wear a display for us and his mates!’ – Paul, @anywhere_we_roam

Why we enjoy it: those who have ever tried to photograph dolphins frolicking in the open knows how difficult it’s to recapture that hallowed leap out from the water – Paul has managed it with incredible flair and admirable clarity, all whilst battling seasickness in Kaikoura’s choppy waters!

Lofoten, Norway

A post provided by Michael T. Petrick (@michaelpetrick91) on

‘This was taken on first nights our visit to Lofoten. We waited until dark, after which started driving to hunt for the Northern Lights. It was the very first view we caught of these, so we instantly rushed on beach to seize a good shot as they lit up the sky.’ – Michael, @michaelpetrick91

Why we enjoy it: We defy anyone to tire of taking a look at the north Lights, and Michael’s shot showcases that familiar electric green rippling across the sky perfectly. The expertly defined outline regarding the mountain within the bottom right-hand part associated with the image and foreground boulders running across the bottom contrast incredibly because of the swirling colours for the dramatic sky. It is a real masterclass in shooting pure beauty at its most majestic.

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

A post provided by MICHELE ROUX (@michele_roux) on

‘we took this photo from top of the Cerro Toco at 5600 metres, waiting for the sunset. The Atacama Desert is the driest desert on the planet, plus one of the finest places to witness endless, substantial skies. It is an incredible destination for a explore numerous landscapes; lakes, mountains and volcanoes.’ – Michele, @michele_roux

Why we want it: Through the mottled oranges, pinks and greys of this sky towards rusty red hues of wilderness’s rocky landscape, every part of this photo seems to have been created from one harmonic colour palette. The lone figure standing inside foreground draws the audience’s awareness of the remote, beautiful horizon, and concentrates the eye to go all in.

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